Mosa Wall Tile

Mosa Wall Tile

All Mosa wall tiles are double-hardened or double-fired for a high-quality glaze layer with a glossy or subtly matt surface. They’re modular and offer easy installation thanks to precise consistency in size.

A striking colour palette to complement a tile series defined by functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Warm and cool shades of white and grey with the iconic tile size of 6 x 12 inch.

A combination of tones, gloss levels, and sizes in a single ceramic wall. Harmonious spaces can be created through the careful selection of tiles

Subtle lines with random sweeps of glazing divides the tile into two parts. This creates a tile that catches light and plays with shadows.

Wall Tile

Mosa offers a wide range of different wall tile collections that have been used in many award winning buildings across the world.

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